Next.js and Django SaaS Boilerplate: A Perfect Match for Enterprises

Empower enterprise solutions with our Next.js & Django SaaS Boilerplate. Built for peak performance, scalability, and reliability—an MVP-ready solution accelerating your development journey.

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Features that are built for developer’s delight

TheDevStarter is built from a developer’s perspective with features that are built to help you ship your products like a breeze.

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Customizable Authentication

Elevate flexibility with TheDevStarter's customizable authentication. Opt into features like Social Auth, Magic Links, password auth, password reset etc.

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Stripe Payments

Boilerplate comes with a Stripe integration that can be used out of the box for subscriptions and one time sales.

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Performance-Driven APIs

The Boilerplate is powered by Django Ninja, a state of the art REST API framework that gives you speed and performance with async endpoints.

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Powerful Admin Dashboard with User Impersonation

TheDevStarter comes with all batteries included, using Django’s powerful Admin panel customised for ease of use and better content management

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Customer Support

Crisp Chat comes inbuilt with the template so that you can focus on core business instead of worrying about peripherals

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Newsletter Management

Connect with your base effortlessly using inbuilt Beehiiv newsletter integration, you can customise it to use your favourite provider with ease

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Feedback Collection

Use the inbuilt feedback modal to collect NPS (Net Promoter Score) and suggestions to drive your product growth.

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User Engagement Modals and Toasts

Trigger modals to target CTAs for premium features, warnings and notifications using inbuilt UI Modals.

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Admin Controlled Banners

Use the Banner module of boilerplate to announce sales, offers, new features and maintenance times.

Revolutionize Your SAAS Shipping Experience

The SAAS Template built for smoothest possible developer experience.

Being a group of developers ourselves we’ve boiled down to the best stack in this saas template to ship out products with speed and comfort.



Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS





DevStarter's tech stack, Fuel your SaaS journey with DevStarter's tech stack merging Django Ninja and Next.js for peak performance and scalability. Our Next.js Boilerplate excels in SEO and rapid load times, paired with TailwindCSS and Postgres DB for solid design and data stability. Explore our all-in-one Django and Next.js templates, delivering unmatched SaaS performance and reliability.

Choose the best NEXT.js and Django template

Why Choose TheDevStarter out of all SAAS Boilerplates

Powerful Duo: Django Ninja and Next.js

Experience the synergy of Django Ninja, a FastAPI-inspired Django framework, seamlessly blended with Next.js. This powerful combination retains Django's prolific features while enhancing asynchronous functionality for peak performance.

Comprehensive Feature Suite

With TheDevStarter, you're not just getting a saas boilerplate; you're acquiring a future-proof foundation for your SaaS project. Benefit from detailed documentation, an admin panel, blog integration, and newsletter support to streamline your development process

Streamlined Deployment and Architecture

Utilize CI/CD pipelines for easy deployment on AWS using Docker, and Docker Compose support for flexible deployment options. Fully async APIs to optimize your compute usage with performance-tested asynchronous functionality.

Lifetime Updates and Support

TheDevStarter isn't just a starting point; it's a long-term partner in your SaaS journey. Enjoy lifetime updates, an admin panel for seamless content management, blog integration for enhanced SEO, and newsletter support for effective email marketing. Our team is always ready to entertain your requests and build features you would want in next updates.


Simple Pricing that can save weeks of crucial time

Acquire instantly and bypass over three months of development duration, extensive effort, and savings exceeding $15,000. Initiate your SAAS enterprise promptly with built-in features like Authentication, Projects, Admin Panel, and integrated Payments, feedback etc.

Our users Love TheDevStarter Template

People are shipping crazy products using


Gautam Singla

Dev Starter has become an essential tool for my software development projects. Its seamless integration with key technologies like Django, Next.js, and Stripe has not only streamlined development but also allowed me to focus on innovation. Highly recommended!#InnovativeDevelopment #StreamlinedWorkflow #DevStarterExperience


Lavish Goyal

Launching a new software project is effortless with Dev Starter. The incorporation of Django Ninja and Next.js, combined with Stripe integration, makes it a standout investment. Exceptionally satisfied with Dev Starter. Strongly recommended.#EffortlessLaunch #DjangoNinjaIntegration #DevStarterInvestment


Ankita Chaudhary

I've used several boilerplates for software projects, but Dev Starter outshines the rest. The smooth integration with Django, Next.js, and Stripe, along with outstanding support, makes it my go-to choice. Don't miss out on trying it!#OutstandingSupport #GoToChoice #DevStarterExcellence

We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets TheDevStarter boilerplate apart from the rest?

The standout feature of TheDevStarter lies in integrating Django Ninja's async powers with Next.js's high performance. This powerful combination delivers an ultra-efficient development workflow, giving you the confidence to launch a robust and scalable SaaS platform built on a dependable foundation.

What target audience is TheDevStarter geared towards?

Entrepreneurs, startups, and developers looking to embark on a SaaS venture will find TheDevStarter an invaluable resource. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and components for those who want to establish a secure, scalable, and highly performant SaaS application, irrespective of the project's size.

Is prior knowledge of React necessary to use TheDevStarter?

No, prior React expertise is not a prerequisite to make the most of TheDevStarter. Given that it's built on the React-based Next.js framework, the extensive documentation provided with TheDevStarter is designed to help even those new to React or Next.js to quickly get up to speed.

Am I allowed to replicate TheDevStarter and sell it elsewhere?

Replicating and reselling TheDevStarter directly contravenes our licensing terms. You may, however, leverage the template as groundwork for your own unique SaaS projects and commercially exploit the final product you create.

What avenues are available for obtaining support with TheDevStarter?

Should you require any support, our team is prepared to assist you promptly. Reach out to us through our designated support channel, and we will address any queries or challenges you face concerning TheDevStarter.

Is TheDevStarter equipped with a quality styling tool?

Indeed, TheDevStarter is equipped with TailwindCSS, which is celebrated for its modern, utility-first approach to CSS, enabling quick and custom designs with negligible hassle. It's a favorite due to its adaptability and the beautiful, responsive interfaces it can help create.

What is TheDevStarter's policy on refunds?

Given the digital format of our product, we are unable to issue refunds once a purchase has been completed. Nevertheless, we're committed to your satisfaction and are on hand to resolve any bugs or accommodate requests swiftly to ensure that your experience with TheDevStarter is exceptional and can help you build on top of theDevStarter since we value community and the culture we’re building.

How can I get my additional questions about TheDevStarter answered?

If you have additional questions or need more detailed guidance, our support team is available to provide the answers and support you need. We want to ensure you have a thorough understanding of how TheDevStarter can benefit your SaaS project, so please feel free to contact us for further information.

Accelerate Your SaaS Journey with TheDevStarter

You will love working with your newly updated and customized boilerplate.

A Joy to use

Next.js and Django Ninja Integration

Experience the seamless integration of Next.js and Django Ninja, combining the speed of Django Ninja with the powerful optimizations of Next.js for your SaaS projects.

Optimized for SaaS Ventures

TheDevStarter is a robust saas boilerplate specifically designed to kickstart your SaaS venture. Benefit from the speed, efficiency, and reliability of this next.js template tailored for success.

Fast and Efficient Development

Embark on your development journey with TheDevStarter and enjoy a streamlined experience. Leverage the strengths of Django Ninja and Next.js to build your SaaS project with speed and precision.

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